Kerala covers about 10% of India’s coastline, accounting for over a population of 8 lakh people making
their livelihood out of fishing and fishing-related activities. In addition to the coastal villages, there are
even more people depending upon inland fishing in the state. This is contributed by the rivers,
freshwater lakes, brackish water, backwaters and so on. We have one of the strongest fisheries
department in all states of India. Kerala also contributes largely to the national fish production. Thus,
we can say God’s own country lies closely knitted to its fishermen and fishing sector. We also have the
perfect provision to enjoy some fresh produce from the sea or other water bodies. Kerala’s cuisine has
been greatly inclusive of all seafood items, creating regionally influenced recipes varying in colour,
texture and flavours.
The Southern part of our state has its special fish curry with the richness of freshly grated coconut. This
is further made more flavorful by adding drumsticks, curry leaves and all the spices required. The
coconut fish curry is a wonderful accompaniment for a delicious lunch from Kerala. Moving further up to
the central area, you will encounter a spicy, red fish curry. This thick curry is special for the addition of
Malabar tamarind or Pot tamarind, giving it a real tanginess. Tapioca and the spicy fish curry is a must-
try when in this part of God’s Own Country. Further towards the coastal area, from Alappuzha, you are
entering a real paradise for seafood lovers. There are numerous varieties of dishes available in these
areas. Alappuzha is especially known for its stretch of backwaters and brackish waters, giving a whole
new experience to the cuisine of the region. The Alappuzha prawn curry is one such amazing dish to
enjoy, with its raw mango, all the spices and the fresh prawns right from the local fishermen of the area.
The spicy crab curry from Alappuzha is another star in the menu of seafood specialities from Venice of
the East. When you reach Kozhikode, the real aroma of Malabari Cuisine is sure to blow your mind away.
From their specialities with Mussels, like “Arikkadukka” and “Kallummakka nirachathu”, the saga of
seafood from Kozhikode is a real adventure for foodies.
Located at Mararikulam in Alappuzha, our kitchen at Heritage Marari will curb all your seafood cravings
and give you a flavour ride, real Kerala style!

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