Alleppey is famous for its house boat or Kettuvallam tourism. But to experience the true backwater life
in Kerala, the best choice is to explore in a canoe. Now, do not mistake this for the normal kayak. Rather,
this is a wooden, narrow boat, controlled using a paddle, a long bamboo bark. This is an adventure that
will uncover before you like a movie. It will be your journey through the backwaters, among rows of
coconut trees, watching people take bath in the water, ladies going about their household chores, kids
splashing around in the mud and much more. The canoes also hold a historic importance when it comes
to the villages in Gods own country. Before the motor vehicles and tarred roads, our state had a
sustainable means of water transport. These were times when the smaller canoes were shopping spots
and the stern men were businessmen. They sold everything from vegetables to utensils to clothes from
these narrow water crafts. The transport canoes used to be a place where the local news got spread
among people, a spot for old friends to catch up and there are even tales of feuds that ended during
canoe trips.
These small wooden boats have now disappeared from many parts of Kerala, but there are still a few
areas which depend on them for transport. And few of the traditional fishermen employ these for
fishing. But canoes are mainly used for recreational activities as a part of tourism development. They are
being used as an adventure ride for the tourists who come down to visit the backwaters. It is definitely a
much livelier experience than sailing around in a house boat for many hours. You will get to watch the
people of backwaters live their life in full swing. The canoe will pass through small riverine villages, lined
with small and beautiful houses, paddy fields, rows of coconut trees and banana plants and small toddy
shops in white paint. You will get a closer look at the old method of fishing with bamboo nets, groups of
women in the green paddies and the toddy tappers with a black long necked pot tied to their hip. A
chance to fill your camera with the picturesque scenes from Gods own country, a wonderful time in the
At Heritage Marari, we are extending an opportunity for you to take a trip around in our canoe, feeling
the local vibes of our village and being a part of this life which is unique to our land. You will get chance
to spend time with our people, capture memories that are authentic to our state and immerse into a
true Kerala holiday!

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