C W Newton

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Heritage Marari is a hidden gem; off the beaten track and was absolutely what I needed – but was not expecting. The agent arranged it for me after my original hotels let me down and I found much more than I expected. On arrival, I was jet lagged; Bruce and Dileep set me up in a bungalow on site, in well tendered grounds. The buildings have a grand history, authentically built with some surprisingly luxurious amenities (the bathroom in room 101 was lush). The porch out front shades you from the sun, but with my jet lag, I plumped immediately for the hammock out front and rested the first day away, being woken only for drinks and dinner. They accommodated my jet lag perfectly!
Over the next few days, they lent me an excellent bicycle which I used to travel 110 km and see the locals towns, beaches and pubs. Many of the beaches were empty and I had those to myself. The team on site regularly produced high quality authentic food, explaining origins and usage of the ingredients and sharing information about the area to help me decide where to go next.
Rooms have very good aircon, no TV (which works great for me) and some wifi. Wifi wasn’t great but then, everywhere I travelled in india the wifi and internet access was pretty poor, so this shouldn’t detract too much.
The whole ambience is one of relaxation and atmosphere, and there is access to Fort Kochi, the fish market, temples, and other large towns fairly nearby.
I was lucky enough to get a second visit during my trip and would hope to visit again if I get the opportunity, especially to catch up with Bruce and Dileep and check out the work they are doing.
A word of warning about money; there are ATMs about 5 KM away, but service is variable and (at the time – Dec 2016) little money was available.

Definitely visit. If you want to relax off the beaten track, you can’t go wrong.