The Flavours

Like its topography, Kerala has a varied range of flavours. From the colourful, vegan Sambhar and fiery, hot fish curry to the lip smacking, delicious payasam, the list goes on. It is above any fine dining experience and will keep you craving for more.

Since there is access to fresh fish straight from each day’s catch, the chef would prepare the best fish dishes in the local style. You are also given options to choose the level of hotness preferred. The kitchen at Heritage Marari would be a place for you to have some hands on experience in the Kerala cuisine. You can also note down the best recipes and try them back home.

At Heritage Marari, the hosts are keen about promoting the local products and practices. This helps in creating a safe and healthy menu for everyone who visits. So get ready to be won over by the flavours of Kerala!

The rooms and Cottages

Heritage Marari has the facility to provide its guests with clean, comfortable and carefree stay. The resort has 4 private rooms and 3 cottages within the same property. All the living spaces are maintained in high quality cleanliness and services. The rooms depict the traditional Kerala pattern blended with the modern 4-star hotel facilities.


There are 4 private bedrooms, each measuring about 200sq ft. All the rooms are having roofs and walls made of wood. The 4 rooms are in such a way that they are placed on the ground and top floor of the same building. Therefore, 2 rooms have private balcony access and the other two have private front space.

Perfect air-conditioning is provided for all of the bedrooms. All the rooms have 2 queen size beds joined to make a single king size bed. There would be a writing table for you to have some time with the words. The guests are provided with neat and tidy beddings and other amenities.


The bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned and kept spotless. Basic toiletries would be provided for everyone. Hot and cold water is made available as per your preference.


In addition to the rooms, the property has 3 private cottages arranged in different places. They have spacious sleeping spaces and bathrooms. There are 2 garden view rooms and one river view room. This may be chosen as per your preference and availability. One of the rooms have a specially designed bathroom with an open roof facility.

The Raison d’être

The Azheekans are aiming at promoting a sustainable, environment friendly culture at Heritage Marari. They are opening up this beautiful space to anyone who wishes to explore the coastal village and experience its heritage and traditions. This is also a chance for the native population to let their connection with the land and sea be shown, lessons that would go a long way. A few days at this coastal village can be your chance to restore the bond with Mother nature, a walk back to the roots. The smiles and faces of the people of Marari would remain imprinted to your memories, bringing back the sense of belonging.

Other Facilities

-Ayurveda- the Ancient magic

Kerala is home to one of the ancient and effective system of medicine, Ayurveda. With its history dating back to the Vedic period, this technique which is believed to be God breathed have stood through the test of time. There are experienced practitioners in many villages around the state. At Heritage Marari, there is opportunity for guests to experience this age old wellness technique. You can relax while enjoying an Ayurvedic massage and feel the rejuvenation in your mind and body.

-Caught in the bustle

At Heritage Marari, the hosts give their all to keep the guests engaged. Letting them experience the beach, the markets, the traditional businesses and much more in its authentic form. This would be the chance to relish some of the native practices which can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

-Morning at the beach: an early morning walk to the Mararikulam beach would be a real refreshing experience to fill you with power for a day of explorations. You can take in the bright morning sunshine when sinking your feet in the ocean.

-Taking part in the fish auction: Every morning the beach would be having an auction for the freshly caught fish, something done in its most authentic Kerala style. The guests get a chance to watch the process and even do their bit by bidding for some fresh and tasty fish, straight from the net.

-Homestead on the tuk-tuk: the tuk-tuk or locally famous ‘Auto’ would take you back to the resort. This is definitely an integral part of the local lifestyle which you would be a part of, while at Heritage Marari.

-Closer to the village: After a nourishing breakfast, you can walk around the village, exploring the local coir makers, mat weavers, the spinning mill, toddy shop, ice making plant, and few other local attractions. These would be scenes you can capture on your camera and take back as a token of your wonderful time in the lovely village of Mararikulam. There is a vegetable garden maintained and run by NREGS, where you can see the local farming patterns of Kerala. There would many more stops while you roam around the village and each would be saying a different story. These walks can also be your chance to have some interesting conversations with the people. Some precious moments to relish!

-Canoeing away: Heritage Marari arranges for a special canoe ride from the private ghat at the property. This would be a wonderful experience for you, bobbing across the ripples of the river fork flowing behind the property. You will be accompanied with an experienced local, just to make sure the ride is hassle-free.

-Traditions to try: The state of Kerala has a number of different old techniques which may be indigenous to the region. There is a way of climbing the coconut tree, breaking open the coconut, scraping it and crafting some interesting things out of the leaves and shell. This will make you realise why the state is known for its relation to the coconut tree. You are also given a chance to have some hands on experience in the kitchen, preparing some traditional dishes in the authentic way. Being close to the shore means access to fresh fish and this can be perfect to learn the local fish curry recipe at the resort’s kitchen.

-Munching on some local goodies: amidst all the walking and moving around, the hosts would be introducing you to a wide range of local snacks, full of flavour and crisp. You could even take some back when travelling back and give a chance for your loved ones to have a taste of Kerala.

Peaceful time at the resort

If you are in the mood to stay back at the resort and spend some peaceful time, Heritage Marari offers the comfiest hammocks to bask in the fresh air. There are some interesting indoor games if you are visiting with a group of friends or family. You can also spend your time relaxing with your favourite book or penning down your thoughts in the tranquil atmosphere.