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About us

Mararikulam, a lovely little coastal village in the beautiful district of Alappuzha, is home to, Heritage Marari, a charming traditional getaway.

The Azheekans family has been a part of Marari for generations. They have felt and experienced the quaint, peaceful, yet lively pulse of the village. A close bond with the native population creates a strong connection to our roots. Now, they are opening a doorway for the guests to indulge in the purity of their heritage, in all its perfection.

Besides the cosy and comfortable stay, Heritage Marari offers you the opportunity to become a part of the nature, the community and the life in Marari. A deep journey into the soul of this quiet coastal village!

The Advent

Bruce and his father, Babu, gave much energy and enthusiasm to create this boutique resort in all its magnificence. They travelled around the state, collecting usable remains of traditional houses. Later, this collection was used to create the picturesque cottages at Heritage Marari. They were more than happy to embrace the history hidden in the old remains and to rebuild a world where customs are tied to creativity. But the most important part of this journey is the choice of the property. When the father-son duo thought of a tranquil spot to start their resort, no place could beat the pleasant river side with a private ghat. Thus Heritage Marari was born to provide a restful space at affordable price to anyone who wants to visit Mararikulam.

The Tenor

Each and every cottage at Heritage Marari offers a homely, closer to nature feeling. It evolves into a sense of belonging to the life in this village. From the first ray of sunlight to the last hour of night, this place will offer a warm, protected environment where you become more than just a guest.

The hosts would be guiding you through the trail of village life without making you feel like an outsider. You would accompany them to the local market, help in buying the provisions for the day, bargain for the fish, choose the fresh veggies and later help in preparing the day’s meal. These experiences will be etched in your memories, bringing you closer to the being of this place.

Heritage Marari is the perfect space for you to break away from the hustle of everyday life and find some time with your favourite book; spend few days with your loved ones; pen down your thoughts or even be in the company of yourself in perfect solitude.

Simply dive into the brilliance of being at home!

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