“The authentically rebuilt ‘Kerala houses’ are beautiful and of higher standards than many much more expensive hotel rooms.”- read a review written by Theodore, an Austrian tourist who visited Heritage Marari.
This sheds more light on the effort and hardwork put into the making of our cottages in the traditional style. Kerala architecture is one that stays different from the Dravidian culture followed in the other Southern states of India. The major reasons for this difference can be the climatic and historic factors of the region. It is shaped to be harmonized with the harsh summer and the heavy monsoon. Furthermore, Kerala was an important trade hub with the major civilizations like the Egyptian, Arabian, etc. This has influenced in shaping a unique architectural pattern in our beautiful state. In addition, it is also based on the Indian Vedic Architectural Science Or Vastu Shaastra.

When Heritage Marari’s cottages were being designed, all Bruce and his father had in mind was to preserve this historic trace for people to experience. Every part of the construction was carefully and craftfully chosen to be in line with the ethnicity. The wooden structure is a pointer to the importance ‘Thachu Shastra’ or the science of Carpentry, had in the architecture of Kerala houses. It is a way of showing that the construction remains in harmony with nature as the wood being used was once a part of the same environment . Besides, these are original, traditional pieces taken from buildings which were being demolished or reconstructed from their original form. The sloping roof with tiles made of clay, gives a rustic look to the cottages. At the property we have the ‘Thulasithara’, a structure found in the courtyard of Hindu households, where the Tulsi plants are grown and taken care of. Another ode from the simple village life of Keralites. There are many more features in Heritage Marari, belonging to the bygone era; and we are offering you a chance to live the life of a Malayali, in all authenticity. Welcome!

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